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ROME BELMONTE - JULY 2017 - EN from schoenstatt org on Vimeo.

Video production: Claudia Echenique, Maria Fischer; Subtitling: Celina Garza, Melissa Janknegt

Letter from Belmonte

Rome, 8 July 2017

Dear Friends of Roma Belmonte!


Fr. Joseph Kentenich, the Founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, thought about Schoenstatt centers as a place close to the Shrine, which would serve to train the people. A building adjacent to the Shrine, where the “new man” for a “new community” could be born. That is, a different life style as an alternative for a world that is more and more outdated, by opting to flee from God and submerging oneself in atheism, materialism, pragmatism, mechanism, hedonism and other proposals that lead to an existential void.

It is the same with the International Center of Roma Belmonte. Now, during the month of July and throughout the summer, we welcome the opportunity to open our spaces to dozens of children and teens who participate in the “Summer Center”, an activity that provides the young ones  with time for games, entertainment, and companionship. It also provides training of their personality through Christian principles. It is a seed so that in the future it will be a training proposal for the young ones that Our Mother and Queen wants to attract to herself from early childhood.

During this month, our Center also welcomes two groups of priests. One of them will spend a week in preparation for their perpetual contract with the Pontifical Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests. In the shadow of the Shrine, in the Eternal City, the diocesan priests will find refuge, space, time for rest and rest from continuous training, which is so necessary for the clergy and that is highly recommended by the Church documents.

This is not include the pilgrims who come from different places to be with our Mother. It is sad that we still have not opened our International Center to welcome them. It saddens me very much to see this house, which is completely ready, unable to be used for lodging. Some bureaucratic stages are still pending and money is lacking to pay what was invested in the construction. We continue to pray and to offer our help, although it may be small, so that soon Belmonte will open the doors of the Training Center and not only the gates to the grounds!

One of the most beautiful things that I see in those who come to Belmonte is, that in some way, they return different than when they entered. Because Belmonte is also a place of encounter. Here, the Mother wants to meet with us and here we also meet the person, the man, Fr. Kentenich. Every person who passes through here perceives that his presence is felt in this place. And here, we want every person to really find Fr. Kentenich’s vision of the world and his vision of the Church, which is more relevant than ever.

From here, our Shrine of Roma Belmonte, close to our Queen and in the atmosphere which speaks to us of our Father and Founder’s  holiness and  spirit of giving of self to the service of the Church, I send every brother and sister a fraternal embrace and a priestly blessing,


Fr. Marcelo Cervi

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