The grace: For this time

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The grace: For this tim


If it did not already exist, Belmonte would have to be built.

A shrine built on the foundations of enduring love for the Church.

It is a shrine for now: For the Church, of which Schoenstatt is a part, in the current of renewal initiated by Pope Francis.


It does us good to know that there is a shrine to which we can go on pilgrimage in order to fulfil Pope Francis’ request: Pray for me! It is a shrine where love for the Church is built into the foundations, and which is uncannily similar to the image of the Church conceptualised by Pope Francis.

It does us good to know that we can pray humbly and modestly in this shrine for the grace to share in the Pentecost grace clearly flowing through the Church at this time. To ask to be renewed – as a person, as a community, as Schoenstatt – along with this Church that is renewing herself.

It does us good to know that this shrine exists, in which we can pray for the grace to be allowed to contribute from Schoenstatt’s charism to the renewal of the Church for which Fr Kentenich longed, and for which he lived.