How to get there

How to get to Belmonte

Belmonte is located in the Roman district of Casalotti, at the junction of the Via di Boccea with the Via di Santa Gemma, near the ring road "Grande Raccordo Annular" (GRA).


Address (also for GPS)

Via di Santa Gemma, 17
00166 Roma



Coming by car

Enter in your navigation device:

Via di Santa Gemma, 17

00166 Roma


From the ring road "Grande Raccordo Annular" (GRA) take the exit to Via di Boccea. follow the Via di Boccea from the city about 2 km towards Casalotti. You drive into a small valley, the shrine is visible on the right of the hill. Now turn right into Via di Santa Gemma. Parking is available in the upper part of the site and soon directly at the Domus Pater Kentenich/House Father Kentenich.

If you plan to stay at Belmonte or visit more frequently, renting a car is recommended.

By bus:

Preliminary remarks about the bus system in Rome


Generally, there are no fixed timetable bus stops. What does exist are the hours of arrival/departure at the initial/arrival stop "Capolinea", with the help of this information you can calculate the approximate arrival time of the bus at a certain stop.

It should be noted that these times are usually met, but not always. Additionally, it also happens that under certain conditions both the number of the bus line, or the journey often undergo changes. (For example at 14:00 hours Bus 915 departs, although this scheduled departure time was for Bus 905.)

The buses do not always stop at every stop. If you are at the stop and see the bus approaching, raise your arm or hand so the driver will know that you want to board.


Tickets can be purchased at subway stations, in the ticket machines found at the stops or kiosks (Tabacchi). Normally you cannot buy tickets on buses, but very few are equipped with ticket machines.

Roma App

There is also a smartphone app called ROMA BUS, this is convenient as the buses now have a transponder that sends the current status of the bus; with the help of this information, you will know how many stops or how far away the bus is and/or about what time it will arrive at your stop. This application also provides information about the travel of some lines and departure times.

Note: Not all buses are equipped with a transponder and not all are active.

The application also provides information on stops or strikes, etc.,

Example of help in calculating bus arrival: if the application tells me that Bus 905 or 915 departed at 15:00 hrs, then I can assume this bus (depending on traffic) requires 7-15 minutes to arrive at the Belmonte stop.

From Downtown to Belmonte

Take the subway (Line A) toward Battistini and get off at CORNELIA station. After passing through the exit turnstiles, walk up the escalator that is to your right and continue walking straight ahead. When you exit the subway station, turn right and cross VIA BOCCEA toward the traffic light. After a few meters, you will arrive at the BOCCEA / GALEOTTI bus stop.

Here you have two practical options:

Option 1 (Practical): Take Bus 905 with a destination sign of Malagrotta. Depending on traffic this Bus requires 20 to 45 minutes (usually 45 min.), although the trip will seem too long, do not be discouraged, because at the end you will see it was worth it.

Buses cross the Casalotti neighborhood that is recognized by a large sign and by the underpass beneath the highway. From now, only a few stations remain before reaching your stop. The stop is named Boccea / Cellulose which is located at a traffic light (intersection) right at the end of the Belmonte terrain.  When you are at Casalotti press the stop button as soon as you see the Shrine and the Schoenstatt flags at the traffic light junction. Turn right into the Via di Santa Gemma and enter the terrain at the gate on the left side.

Option 2 (not so practical) but also reasonable: Take Bus 904 with a destination sign of BEDESHI and travel on it to Casalotti. With this option you should get off the bus at the Boccea /Selva Candida Stop. Then you should walk about 10 minutes along the Via Boccea in a downward direction to the junction with traffic lights; follow the directions as in the first option.

Belmonte to Downtown:

Bus 905

Bus 905 from Cellulose / Boccea with a destination sign of CORNELIA.

To arrive to the bus stop, if coming from Belmonte, cross the street with traffic lights ahead, then walk about two minutes along the road (towards the city), to the right you will see a stop sign with red lettering; a couple of meters ahead, you can also spot a stop sign with yellow lettering; the bus will stop at the stop sign with red lettering.

Buses 028, 025, 146, and 904

The options described above are limited to the use of Bus 905.

But if you take Bus 028 Stz. Aurelia (Cellulose / Boccea) or 025 Mombasiglio (Boccea / Cellulose) from the same bus stop near Belmonte, you also reach the large intersection of Casalotti. Get off at the Casalotti / Boccea (028) stop or Boccea / Casalotti (025).

Walk to the corner, from here you can see both streets:

Observe both directions well. From Via Casalotti you can take bus 146.

Bus 146 takes you to subway station Battistini.

From Via Boccea, this means in the opposite direction you can take Bus 904, which takes you to subway station Cornelia.

This intersection is at 10 - 15 minutes walking distance from Belmonte, so if you missed the bus there or do not want to wait, walking is also an option.