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Visitor Information

You will see that Belmonte is a Centre that has come into existence with all our hearts; it is a green oasis in the Eternal City where it is good to be. Come here, get to know our new International Schoenstatt Centre in Rome, Belmonte, and become part of the great mission Fr Kentenich connected with our Rome Centre.


The International Schoenstatt Shrine and Centar Roma Belmonte is open for everybody - vistors, pilgrims, tourists, participants of congresses, individuals, families, groups.

These pages provide some information that may help you to plan your stay. Please check the information given here - we try to provide with all you need to know without having to go through expensive phone calls and mail enquiries: map, information on how to get here by car, public tranportation, taxi; booking form; opening hours, regular Masses, and more.




The house has a total of 60 beds in single, double and four-bed rooms, all en suite. Some rooms have been furnished specifically for the disabled.


It is possible to make requests for reservations

  • via telephone (calculate Middle European working hours) +39 06 - 83 66 44 22
  • or simply filling in the following form


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Contact, questions, wishes:


Rector: Fr. Marcelo Cervi -  -  +39 331 202 5160

Management, Booking, Administration: Elena Buosi -  - +39 06-61566086




Holy Mass

Monday-Saturday at 5.30 p.m. in the shrine

Rosary and Prayer for the Holy Father

Daily at 5 p.m

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Thursday from 6-6.30 p.m.


Each 8 (Belmonte Day), 15 (Prayer for the Canonization of Fr. Kentenich), 18 (Covenant Day), and on Marian or Schoenstatt Feastdays except falling on a Saturday or Sunday, Holy Mass is at 7:30 PM.

Short-term changes reserved.


How to get there

How do you get to Belmonte?
Belmonte is located in the Roman district of Casalotti, at the junction of the Via di Boccea with the Via di Santa Gemma, near the ring road "Grande Raccordo Annular" (GRA). Find more information here.


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